In science class, talking about certain properties of substances and what a "Property" is. My science teacher asks me to stand up and ask the class for some of my properties. (FYI I am female and fully identify as such, but this was still a cool thing to say on my teacher's behalf)

  • first kid: red hair!
  • teacher: (immediately nods and writes "red hair" on board) yup, that is one of alex's properties, sure.
  • another kid: brown eyes!
  • teacher: (nods and writes on board)
  • yet another kid: freckles
  • teacher: all great answers, (writes on board) anything else?
  • Lets call him Bob: Shes a girl
  • Teacher: (Pauses, looks at me, then back at the kid) Well it's not my place to confirm that, besides, you have no idea whether Alex is a girl or not.
  • Bob: Well she's got boobs
  • Teacher: (Doesnt even get mad at the smartassish response, just nods calmly) Yes, now, having boobs is a property. Gender on the other hand is much less physical, and a lot more mental. Just because she has body parts that are recognized generally on females, does not mean that she's female herself. So why don't we say, instead of "she's a girl" we'll just say she has boobs
  • Teacher: (writes on board "Alex has boobs")